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Canada Truckers Protest Due to Mandatory Covid Vaccination on Foreign Canada Truckers


Following the declaration by the Public Health Agency of Canada that foreign Canadian truckers can only enter Canada assuming they are completely immunized beginning January 15 and the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reporting comparative necessities from January 22 for non-U.S. drivers entering the United States, a huge number of drivers have chosen to protest and will gather in Ottawa trying to stop the mandates.

According to organizers Canada Unity & Truckers United, Canadian truckers along with interested citizens across the country have decided to take action and plan a trip to the Canadian Parliament with the intention of having thousands of vehicles drive into Parliament and park there.

A similar action took place on January 17 when a column of truckers protested against the Mandates in Emerson, Manitoba, near the US-Canadian border.

American truckers began organizing their own resistance on Tuesday. The Epoch Times is following the story and will report on developments.

Patty Every is a Nova Scotia business owner and founder of the Atlantic Freedom Fighters.

“During this pandemic, I have watched our government slowly destroy our economy, mental health, and the future stability of this country,” Avery told The Epoch Times.

“The mandates that continue to be illegally imposed on the people have done far more damage than the pandemic itself. The Canadian government continues to use phrases and words in the media that incite hatred against the Canadian people towards people who choose to exercise their right to refuse a vaccine. And as a result, hate crimes are being committed against the unvaccinated. What are we doing to stop this when our leaders are doing it? The Canadian people have had enough. At first we were pleased. But look where complacency has taken us. It’s time for us to stand up and defend what our country stands for: freedom. We are “true north, strong and free” and the people of Canada stand ready to defend it.

“[A U.S. organizer] is going to create a movement called Nations United for Freedom, in which Canada and the United States will unite to help each other,” Evry said, unable to contain her emotions. “We hope that by doing this, other countries will follow suit and join each other.

Starting January 23, “thousands and thousands of cars”, truckers, and ordinary cars will travel from “all corners of the country” to the capital.

canada truck strike

“Lots of freedom organizations across Canada came together to speak out against it,” she said.

Protesters from each state or province will travel at specific times to reach the capital on January 28. According to Every, at least 2,000 trucks have already been deployed and have traveled to Ottawa ahead of the scheduled start date.

Truck drivers using Pacific Highway Crossing in Surrey, British Columbia, south of Vancouver, have to wait up to five hours due to increased security checks at all border crossings on September 12, 2001. (Canadian Press/Richard Lam)

The Epoch Times contacted other Canada Truckers protest leaders in Canada.

“Today, we have on our hands one of the most important battles and responsibilities in recent history, namely the protection of our human rights, freedom of choice, freedom of voice, expression, and debate without censorship,” said Martin Brodmann, Vice President. of Canada Unity and president of Truckers United Inc.

“Conflicts do not flare up in discussions or divisive actions. They fight in unity [and] time is running out quickly. Let’s not waste the few seconds we have left to make a difference, not only on behalf of our veterans but more so for future generations. We must trust and let us [be] guided not only by our works, moreover, but we must also trust and unite in faith, regardless of what beliefs anyone has.

“Faith is also freedom of choice,” Brodmann added. – It is not for us to judge beliefs, and it is not in our rights to discriminate against anyone. United and united regardless of race, religion, culture, and gender, we must believe – and only then will we succeed. History has proven time and time again that minorities ended up fighting for the right reasons. We need to stay strong and united we will stand up to our enemies with respect. Our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) represents and demands the end of all illegal mandates on behalf of all industries and the people of Canada, and the return of law to Ottawa for the people, with the people.”

Canada Unity and Truckers United have organized a nationwide 2022 freedom convoy, the Ottawa Bear Hug Event, to stop illegal COVID mandates.

“Operation Bear-Hug was launched last year and was part of our original convoy from 5 to 10 December 2021,” Brodmann explained. “In the meantime, Operation Bear-Hug has become not only a national but also an international movement of great importance for spreading love, unity, and dignity around the world. A bear hug reflects times of uncertainty, but more of a uniting and standing in unity. Canada Unity and Truckers United does not currently endorse or encourage any national or international border blockades to ensure the movement of goods in an already disrupted supply chain caused by trade wars.

The 2022 Freedom Convoy West starts in Vancouver on Jan. 23 and heads east to Ottawa, Ontario. The 2022 Newfoundland Freedom Convoy joins the 2022 Nova Scotia Freedom Convoy on January 27, heading west to join Ottawa to initiate not only Operation Bear Hugs nationally, but more solidarity with neighboring freedom lovers from the USA. , [who] will also join us in Ottawa,” Brodmann added.

Pat King from Alberta currently works as an occupational health and safety specialist. He was a dispatcher for five years and drove trucks for 15 years.

“We can’t live like this anymore. And as a father, I must do my part to protect the future of my children and future generations,” King said.

Ryan Michielewicz, a 25-year-old trucker from Saskatchewan, said: “Our veterans fought hard for our freedoms and all of those freedoms are being taken away. It’s time for Canadians to pay back. The government needs to understand that they are working for the people and not the other way around.”

Tamara Leach, another major organizer, has worked in the oil and gas industry for 23 years.

“Our rights and freedoms have been taken from us again, after so many years of constantly dividing the people by our government, it is time to take a stand and demand that our laws be properly enforced. The government continues to find loopholes to justify its abusive behavior and will no longer tolerate it,” Leach said.

According to Every, “tons” of trucks also arrive from Quebec.

On January 11, Quebec Prime Minister François Legault announced his intention in the coming weeks to introduce a new tax on “health contributions” for the unvaccinated. He did not specify the amount to be recovered but said it would be “significant”.

Joanie Pelchat is Quebec’s Chief Organizer and is an experienced medical software specialist.

“Time to wake up. Time to act. It’s time to make a change. We’re going down and this needs to change. This excess of the government must stop. I’m doing this for the future of my daughter and for the future of Canada,” Pelchat said.

Lee Harding contributed to this report.

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