hotel mahfouf paris

Hotel Mahfouf Paris – Discover The Secret of Hotel Mahfouf aka Lena Situations

You are about to discover the secret behind the sensation, Hotel Mahfouf Paris. How it all began.

The Secret of Hotel Mahfouf Paris

When Léna Mahfouf, as Léna Situations, published her debut August vlog series on YouTube four years ago, everything got started. The idea was to post one video every day for 31 days.

While keeping her subscribers entertained over the summer was her major objective, she never once considered the phenomenon she was producing. She records brief moments from her day-day life that she spends with her family and friends, who have come to dominate her videos.

Now nothing short of legendary, her apartment is known as Hotel Mahfouf. The entire gang meets up there for entertainment and activities. With each series she publishes, her subscriber base expands, and her followers anticipate this season just as eagerly as Léna does.

She always thinks of creative methods to advertise the debut of her vlog series. However, this time is different. Léna is upping the ante for this, her sixth season.

hotel mahfouf paris

Hotel Mahfouf is an eccentric and extravagant enthusiast, as chic and ambitious as she is creative. In her Hotel, she designs and imagines many rooms. As soft to wear as it is to look at.

Without limits, she puts in each of her works as much of her expertise as her extravagance to create clothes that are both beautiful, pleasant to wear, and respectful of her values.

The public unveiling of a top-secret project in the heart of Paris

Why settle for an Instagram post announcing the August vlogs when you can open a real-life Hotel Mahfouf? This is the unique idea that the young woman has come up with, and she has been working on it for several months: opening a concept store in Paris’s 17th arrondissement.

The influencer explains in a recent Instagram post that she is launching her own brand, Hotel Mahfouf (also available online), with a line of clothing and lifestyle products inspired by her own lifestyle and travels between Paris and Los Angeles. She takes a qualitative rather than quantitative approach, focusing exclusively on French and European products.

The pop-up hotel will be open from August 2 to September 1, 2022, to coincide with the release of her first collection, “For chilling at Hotel Mahfouf,” and will allow visitors to see the first room, “Room Service.”

Hotel Mahfouf Room Service

The Room Service is the first room of the Hotel Mahfouf, located at 8 rue de Meissonier in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Open 7 days a week, we invite you to discover our ephemeral place in Paris from August 2 to September 1. Room Service is a café and a restaurant with a 100% vegan Californian menu and it is also the first boutique of the Hotel Mahfouf.

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