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Facebook Now Has a live chat support For You!

Guess what, you can now join the Facebook live chat support if you are locked out of your account.

Despite actively partaking in a platform versus. platform war of growing financial incentives to entice creators, critics have claimed that Facebook, Meta, and Instagram fall short in providing basic support for those online celebrities. It’s been a persistent issue, whether it’s through community moderating and page management tools or ensuring they have someone to contact if they’re locked out of their account unexpectedly.

Now it’s attempting to change that by unveiling a “limited test” of live chat assistance for English-speaking authors in the United States who don’t have a relationship manager assigned to them.

That way, if these mid-level online celebrities have questions regarding a payout or, for example, how to use a new feature for Instagram Reels, they can get a speedy response.

Another factor that is even more important is for individuals who have been locked out of their accounts for whatever reason. In August, BuzzFeed published a piece detailing an underground market of persons claiming to have insider knowledge of Meta and charging money to assist with account reactivation. People who run a business on social media may feel compelled to pay, especially if traditional customer service channels are unresponsive.

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Facebook is currently testing a “live chat service for some English-speaking users worldwide, including creators, who have been locked out of their accounts,” according to the company. It’s the first time the firm has offered live support for the problem, and it’s focused on users who can’t log in because of the strange activity or because they’ve allegedly broken its community guidelines.

Better comment moderation with keyword blocking, moderation assistance that may auto-hide comments containing links or photos, the option to block a user as well as any other accounts they try to create later, and a dedicated location to view hidden comments are among the other updates introduced this week.

If you’re attempting to grow a fan base by going live, you’ll be able to do it with more people now that Facebook has added the ability to co-broadcast with up to three more guests.

You can also post such live broadcasts as Facebook Stories, which appear at the top of your followers’ news feeds, as well as badges and front-row privileges, which allow the host to see who is watching.

Finally, video hosts can provide featured links that viewers can access without leaving the video, as well as polls that work on mobile devices in the same way they do on desktops.

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