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Questbridge Scholarship Award– Everything Applicants should know.

The Questbridge Scholarship award is one of the greatest need-based scholarships available to high school students around the world. It is a highly competitive scholarship program in the US to assist students who are not financially buoyant to fund their university education.

The Questbridge scholarship award is established to aid excellent students who cannot afford a university education to rank 10 to 12 colleges of interest and allows accessing a fully funded west bridge scholarship to one of the universities if they are eligible.

The Questbridge National College Match

Questbridge Scholarship

Questbridge through the National College Match grant in collaboration with 40 top colleges and universities in the United States offers a fully-funded scholarship to high school students who are financially incapable but are academically sound to achieve a university education opportunity to do so.

The Questbridge National College Match scholarship covers the total cost of college and university financial needs of the students. These needs include tuition fees, housing, and board fees, travel expenses, study aid material expenses with no parental contribution, or students loans. Although the scholarship is fully funded, students may be required to participate in a work-study or students savings.

Eligibility / Requirements For Questbridge scholarship.

 The following are requirements that applicants for the Questbridge scholarship award to ascertain legibility.

Citizenship criteria

Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Questbridge scholarship funds must be a citizen of the United States of America or permanent residents of the United States.

Academic history

Applicants who are eligible to apply for the Questbridge scholarship must have maintained good academic records in high school, they must have performed exceptionally and have contributed to the school growth.

Grade obtained

Students who apply for the Questbridge scholarship must have obtained the following grades:

  • Primary A’s in the most challenging courses Available including honors, AP, or IB level courses.
  • SAT or IB level scores above 1310.
  • ACT Composite scores above 28.
  • Class rank in the top 5 – 10% of the graduating class.
  • Proof of strong writing ability, strong intellectual competence, and determination through essay and recommendation letters. 

Financial status

The financial status of Students who apply for the Questbridge scholarship award is considered for eligibility. In this category, the following are considered:

  • Students whose sponsors annual Earning less than $65,000.
  • Asset, ownership, business savings, and investment of sponsors are considered.
  • Students whose parents are deceased or divorced are considered for the Questbridge scholarship award.
  • Applicants must graduate from high school before the summer of 2022 and enroll as a freshman in college in the fall of 2022.

Steps To Apply For Questbridge scholarship award.

 The following are steps applicants must follow these steps to apply for the Questbridge scholarship award:

  • Visit the website and create an online account, visit the website @ and follow the account procedures. These procedures include inputting a password, confirmation of the password, username, email details, and full name.
  • Maintain registration. The applicant must carefully fill in the blank online form and provide accurate details before submitting it.
  • Complete the Application process by inputting personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, current school, and family information such as financial status, family background, parents’ names, and details.
  •  Applicants should answer personal questions and essays proficiently as this will boost their stand of gaining the scholarship.
  • Follow up on information posted on the website, always check emails for status updates.

Necessary Documents For The Questbridge Scholarship award Registration.

The following documents should be provided by the applicants:

  • National College Match online application which includes two essays.
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers in core subjects are needed and should be included.
  • High school counselor reports should be provided by applicants.
  • A high school profile should be available.
  •  a high school transcript should be provided.
  • Standardized test scores either SAT or ACT scores.


Students who meet the requirements above should take the opportunity and register for the Quest scholarship award.

All applicants should ensure that the necessary documents specified above are ready before applying for the Questbridge scholarship award.

Note that the information provided will be checked by the scholarship board before the scholarship is granted.

Successfully granted students are matched into various institutions under the Questbridge scholarship awards.

Applicants should visit the website for more details.

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