50 Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria 2022 That You Should Apply For Now

In this article, we are going to compile the complete list of scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for you to take advantage of now.

Ensure to bookmark this page because we will constantly update it with new scholarship opportunities for Nigerians, and you don’t want to miss any of them if you are serious about getting a scholarship.

It’s a game of numbers, and time is also a good factor that plays in securing scholarship opportunities, we learned this lesson from our interview with Nigerians who are studying abroad through Scholarships.

50 Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria 2022 That You Should Apply For Now

I guarantee that you will be surprised by this list of scholarship opportunities for Nigerians, and would want to apply for one or more of these.

1. The University of Ottawa Scholarship

The University of Ottawa Canada recently announced a scholarship for intending students who want to study in Canada. Nigeria Students who are admitted in the fall of 2022 term or later with an admission average of 90% or higher who are studying English and who enrolled in one of the specified undergraduate programs available will be offered a renewable scholarship.

Check the application guide for University Ottawa Scholarship here >>

2. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening is the UK government’s international scholarships program. Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and partner organizations, we offer awards to study in the UK for one year on a fully-funded master’s degree course. Successful Chevening candidates come from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds, but they all demonstrate the passion, vision, and skills needed to shape a better world. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s where you’re going that counts.

Check the application guide for Chevening Scholarship here >>

3. Albukhary International University Scholarship

The University was built by the Albukhary Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization founded by Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, a Malaysian philanthropist who has made charity a cornerstone of his business world. In this respect, the Albukhary Foundation is the umbrella of AIU. Supported by the Albukhary Foundation, the environment created at AIU is conducive and of high standards, therefore the Founder believes that the deserving students are privileged to have the opportunity to study at AIU.

Check the application guide for Albukhary International Scholarship here >>

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