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Scholarship Prank Challenge: Top 5 Hilarious Scholarship Prank

Hello, and welcome to workaccesspermit, in today’s episode we are going to look out on the top 5 hilarious scholarship prank challenges.

What is Scholarship Prank

A scholarship prank is a fake scholarship interview done to make up humor. The hashtag #scholarshipprank currently has a collective 36 million views on social media at the time of publication and it’s not uncommon for one video to rack up likes in the hundreds of thousands.

Top 5 Scholarship Prank

Here’s our list of the top 5 scholarship pranks on youtube,

1. Scholarship Prank On My South African Mom

Finally hopped onto this TRENDING SCHOLARSHIP PRANK ON AFRICAN PARENTS 🤣🔥 I hope you guys enjoy this video😅 Your girl took risks 😹😹😹RISKSSSS I TELL YOU!🤧she could’ve EMBARRASSED me with a klap on international screens. I’m glad she didn’t tho🥰 Oh and I know we don’t look alike 🤣our personalities are similar tho😹🤷🏼‍♀️we’re crazy af😝✨

2. $500,000 Scholarship Prank On My Grandma

I’ve watched a lot of “SCHOLARSHIPS PRANK” & THIS ONE, IS THE BEST ONE SOOO FAR! Danicia you really should’ve been an actress, because at one point I felt sorry for your grandma! WOW! But this was FUNNNY AS HELL 😂😂😂

3. $30k Scholarship/grant prank on my Grandma aka the baddest B

My Grandmother and I talked about the cohort that I am a part of and when I told her there was an opportunity to help expand the cohort by applying for a $30k grant, she was ready to help!

4. Scholarship Prank On MY Nigerian Mother


5. Scholarship Prank Video | She gets UPSET

Watch as my sister pranks our mom in this fake scholarship Prank

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