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Sweden Job Seeker Visa Requirements 2023 – Getting a Work Visa in Sweden

Do you know that with the Sweden Job Seeker Visa you can move to Sweden without a Job offer and look for work? If you don’t, you will learn everything you need to know about the Sweden job seeker visa requirements and application process in this article.

What is Sweden Job Seeker Visa

sweden job seeker visa requirment

A Sweden job visa is a kind of visa that permit foreigners to immigrate to Sweden for job hunting. This mostly occurs as a result due to a shortage of labor. 

They are certain eligibility criteria to be met, and job seeker visa requirements you must have before you can apply for the Sweden job seeker visa, and we will discuss that in the next sub-heading. 

Sweden Job Seeker Visa Criteria 

Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for a Job Seeker visa in Sweden before applying.

These include: 

  • Completion of studies at an advanced level. 
  • Financial stability to be able to support yourself throughout your stay while on a Job Seeker visa. 
  • A well-laid-out plan to seek employment in Sweden or be self-employed.
  • Comprehensive health insurance to receive medical care in Sweden.
  • A valid passport. Note that your permission to stay on a Job Seeker would not be extended beyond your passport validity. 
  • A Sweden works visa to avoid delays in compliance upon securing a job. This is particularly important for those who aren’t citizens of a neighboring Nordic country to Sweden.  
  • A letter of permission was issued to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) to grant the right to contact your educational institution for the verification of all educational documents submitted.

Sweden Job Seeker Visa Requirements

The documents needed for the application include:

  • Exam certificates (where applicable).
  • University transcript.
  • Bank statement with proof of funds.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance document.
  • Letter of consent that gives UHR the right to contact your institution in order to verify your academic documents.

Please note that all documents not written in English or Swedish must be translated into one of these two languages. This is to be done by an authorized translator.

How Much is Needed as Proof of Funds for the Sweden Job Seeker Visa?

A minimum amount of SEK 13,000. This is equivalent to $1200 and it’s for a period of 1 month. For a 3-month visa, a minimum amount of SEK 39,000 is needed, equivalent to  $3,600. For a 9-month validity visa, an approximate amount of SEK 117,000 (approximately $10,800) is needed.

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