TCL resumes selling its Google TVs after rolling out software fixes

TCL said this evening that sales of its 6-Series and 5-Series Google TVs have resumed following a brief suspension due to sluggish, unstable software. “Recent software updates have allowed us to make considerable improvements in the reliability and speed of TCL televisions with Google TV,” said Rachelle Parks, a spokesperson for TCL.

“With these improvements, this device now symbolizes the tremendous performance that TCL and Google believe is the future of television,” says the company.

TCL’s Google TVs are part of the business’s endeavor to provide TV hardware that is platform neutral; the company is most known for its popular sets that come preloaded with Roku software, but it has also made Android TV products. However, the 6-Series (R646) and 5-Series (R546) are the company’s first TVs to feature the updated Google TV interface, and early users have complained of poor performance and serious glitches.

I’m happy to announce that the 6-Series unit I’ve been testing recently received yet another software upgrade, and this appears to be the version that TCL considers to be ready for customers.

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The Google TV 6-Series features better hardware than the Roku TV version: for example, the Google model has full HDMI 2.1 support for 4K gaming at 120Hz.

Now that TCL has restarted sales of their premium Google TVs, stay tuned for our comprehensive review.

TCL’s full statement is below:

TCL is committed to delivering premium products with world-class experiences and the new product featuring Google TV is certainly no different. Recent software updates have allowed us to make significant improvements on the stability and speed of the TCL televisions featuring Google TV. With these updates, this product now represents the powerful performance that TCL and Google believe is the future of TV.

Owners of the TCL Google TVs should be prompted to update their sets to the latest firmware automatically, but they can also manually get the update by following this process on the company’s website.

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