The University of Ottawa Scholarship For African Students

The University of Ottawa Scholarship For African Students

The University of Ottawa Canada recently announced a scholarship for intending students who want to study in Canada.

African Students who are admitted in the fall of 2022 term or later with an admission average of 90% or higher who are studying English and who enrolled in one of the specified undergraduate programs available will be offered a renewable scholarship.

About University of Ottawa Scholarship

The University of Ottawa scholarship program is one of the most generous in the country. It rewards not only your pre-university academic achievements but also your achievements every term of full-time study at University. A scholarship is awarded for academic achievements while a bursary is awarded based on financial need.

University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship


  • Admission average of:
  • 95-100% = $4,000
  • 90-94.9% = $3,000
  • 85-89.9% = $2,000
  • 80-84.9% = $1,000

The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship automatically provides between $1,000 and $4,000 to all eligible full-time students with an average of 80% or more who are studying in a direct-entry faculty or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section.

No application is required for this scholarship; all eligible students are automatically considered for this award. Mature applicants and university transfers are not eligible for this scholarship.

Receive your funds

  • Your scholarship or bursary will be credited to your student account.
  • If you are a CO-OP student, you’ll receive your funds once you’re enrolled in a study term.
  • Admission scholarships and renewals are usually credited to your student account in mid-July. You’ll receive two equal instalments, one in September and one in January, which are applied towards your tuition fees.
  • If you’ve already paid your tuition fees, you may have a credit balance in your student account after receiving a scholarship or bursary. Submit a request for reimbursement in uoZone, under Finances and jobs, to have these funds released.
  • Scholarships and bursaries are taxable. You receive a T4A slip if you received awards, scholarships or bursaries from the University of Ottawa during the fiscal year. Slips are available in uoZone at the end of February.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Must be a citizen of An African Country.
  • Must study in English
  • Must enrol in one of the specified undergraduate program in faculty of Engineering, social sciences or science.
  • Must have necessary documents specified for admission.

The following are faculties available for the scholarship:

  • Faculty of Engineering:Civil engineering, chemical engineering.
  • faculty of social sciences: Sociology, Anthropology, international development and globalization, Conflict studies and Public administration.
  • Faculty of science: All programs except the joint honors Bsc in Physics/ Basc in Electrical engineering and the honors Bsc in Optalmic Medical technology.

Steps to Apply:

  • Prepare to apply: ensure that all required documents are completed. The level of education are completely stated for eligibility, before applying find out courses for the programs you can apply for.
  • Select your country of origin and check if your country is Eligible to Apply.
  • Apply online through the Ontario universities application center.
  • Submit all necessary Documents: check admission file by login in UOZONE. Submit these documents to the admission office by uploading to UODOC, through UOZONE. Documents will be assessed when submitted.


Provide an accurate Email address for updates and always check your email regularly for messages from the University.

Ensure to submit on time to avoid late submission.

Documents submitted in Languages other than English or French must be submitted with an approved translation.

Submit resume or CV if your intending programs require so.

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