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How to Get a Job In Canada From Nigeria with Little or No Experience

Many Nigerians are staying in Canada for various reasons. Some are in Canada to study. Studying in Canada is very common for Nigerians, some are in Canada as visitors, some for vacation, and others to work.

Many times people prepare Visas, let’s say for three months to Canada to process visas and then get a job in Canada, but this is risky and quite a hard goal to attain. Many are deported, and even get prosecuted for such actions.

However, if you are interested in working in Canada from Nigeria, there are options you can try to get jobs in Canada successfully. In this article, we will make you understand how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

Steps To Getting A Job In Canada From Nigeria

There are many job opportunities in Canada for Nigerians and other foreigners because Canada is an industrial state with job opportunities that citizens cannot fully cover.

You can get these jobs by taking the following steps:

1. Find  A Job

There are sites that you can visit to know the available jobs that you can apply for in Canada. When you get these jobs you can get a temporary invite to work in Canada. The kind of Job invite you get depends on the skills you possess and the Visa you should apply for.  Your Visa application must be specified in the role and invite you are given.

It is very possible to get invites from an organization in Canada if you are already working for them as a freelancer back here in Nigeria. Just this morning we read a story of a 16-year-old Freelancer who was invited and given a Visa to work in Italy as a senior web developer due to a good working relationship he had with a client in Italy. You too can get this opportunity if you apply for Skills and work remotely before getting an invite to work in Canada

One way you can do this is by applying through an online Freelancing platform. Thes Freelancing platforms allow you to do various kinds of jobs listed by clients. These Freelancing platforms you can get these remote Jobs are Upwork, Fiver, indeed, etc.

To get these jobs, you must possess skills that you can offer digitally that can give you an edge over other competitors in the industry.

Some of the digital skills include the following:

  • Virtual Assistant and Representative

A virtual assistant is a person who plays an assisting role to a client from a remote location. If you want to become a virtual assistant, you need to acquire skills that will make you effective in keeping records, scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, taking calls, answering and sending emails, etc. A virtual assistant in Nigeria working for a Canadian firm can earn over $2000 monthly. If you can perform your task exceedingly and there is a need to become an on-site assistant, you can also be sponsored by your client to work in Canada.

  • Digital Marketing

You can apply for the role of a digital marketer and work for a client abroad if you can market and enable sales of the company’s products from your location. Digital marketers are also well paid for delivering their services remotely. If your client feels you are needed to work on-site he can issue you an invite.

  • Data Developer Specialist

You can get a data Developer job in Nigeria working for a client abroad when you are skilled with ELT or BI toolset. This is also a lucrative job that you can offer remotely. If your client is pleased and feels you will offer your services better when you work closely, you can get an invite.

  • Web Development

If you are a skilled web developer, you can get an invite from a client to work in Canada after establishing a good working relationship with your client.

  • Programming

If you are a skilled programmer, you can be invited by a client to work with his team on site, this invite can help you secure a residency permit.

2. Obtain A Labour market Impact Assessment.

A Canadian employer can issue a foreign worker to aid a Visa application stating that the worker will fill a vacant position in his company because he couldn’t find anyone fit for the job locally.

If you will be granted a work permit to Canada from Nigeria, you need to obtain the Labour Market Impact Assessment ( (LMIA) from your Canadian employer. This will prove that your work Visa application is valid.

You can also get a work Visa permit to Canada without The Labour Entry Impact Assessment if you qualify under the International Mobility Program (IMP) that is if you are transferred temporarily to Canada for a job. Cases of health professionals are also exempted.

3. Apply For A Pilot Program In Canada.

Immigration pilot programs that you can apply for in Canada include the Agri-Food pilot program and the Homecare provider pilot program.

Applying for such services as agriculture and caregiving in Canada can get you a permanent Visa easily because these skills are in high demand in Canada and they lack the labor force to occupy them.

When you apply for a work visa, you can also apply for a residency permit in Canada, if you fulfill all requirements including the years of service, you will be given a permanent residence permit in Canada.

4. Participate In The Express Entry Draw From Nigeria.

The Express Entry Draw is specially designed for skilled workers from a foreign country.  When you participate in the draw you will be eligible for permanent residency if you qualify.

Candidates who participate in the Express Entry draw are scored against a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Qualified candidates from the bi-weekly draw are given an invitation to apply for permanent residency (ITA). If you receive the ITA, you can go ahead and apply for permanent residency.

The Skills required for the Express Entry draw are categorized into three, which are:

  • Skill Level 0: there’ll include managerial skills like administrators, human resources, public relations, etc.
  • Skill Level A: this includes professional skills like accounting, marketing professionals, etc
  • Skill Level B: this includes technical skills like mechanics, event planners, field engineers, builders, etc.

Who Is Eligible To Participate In The Express Entry Draw?

The eligibility requirements for the Express Entry Draw are listed below.

  • Requirements 1: meet the eligibility of one of the government federal government programs which are; Federal Skilled worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and Canadian Experience Class.
  • Requirement 2: ensure you are an experienced skilled worker.
  • Requirement 3: be a proficient English or French speaker as this will be tested on the Canadian Language Benchmark.
  • Requirement 3: you must have completed a post-secondary education that is assessed against Canadian standards.
  • Requirement 4: pass the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which is ranked by age, level of education, proficiency in a language, work experience, and connection to Canada.

How Much Does The Canadian Entry Draw Cost?

The breakdown of the Canadian Entry Draw Cost are listed below:

  • Language Test Cost: $300
  • Education Credential Assessment Average Cost: $ 200.
  • Government fees: $ 1,325 for adults.
  • Medical Examination Fees Average Cost: $ 450 for adults.
  • Police Clearance Certificate Average 
  • Cost: $100.

Sites You Can Get Information And Jobs In Canada From Nigeria.

You can visit the following sites to apply for Canadian jobs from Nigeria:



Working in Canada from Nigeria can either be done remotely or onsite, if you wish to work remotely you should consider registering for Freelancing platforms but if you wish to work onsite you should consider taking the steps listed above.

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