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Scotland Saltire Scholarship 2021 worth £8000, – Application & Deadline

Scotland Saltire Scholarships is a program of scholarships offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish universities in the areas of science, technology, creative industries, healthcare, and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy. 

About Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are an incredible opportunity to study in a country with world-leading universities and a long tradition of academic excellence. Their chosen scholars are people who aspire to become influential leaders in their future careers.

They have wide-ranging interests outside their studies and a desire to broaden their personal and academic experience in Scotland.

The scheme offers up to 50 awards, each worth £8000, towards tuition fees for any one year of full-time study on a postgraduate Masters’s program at any of Scotland’s higher education institutions. 

Scholarships are available to citizens of the following countries:

  • Canada,
  • China (including Hong Kong),
  • India,
  • Japan,
  • Pakistan and
  • USA. 

Scotland Saltire Scholars will also have the opportunity to take part in a program of activities over and above their studies, including dialogue with the academic and business community in Scotland.

As one of our Saltire Scholars, you’ll act as an ambassador not only for the Saltire Scholarships program but also for Scotland.

In order to apply for Scotland Saltire Scholarship candidates must have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course.

How to Apply for Scotland Saltire Scholarship

The good news is when you apply as an undergraduate or a postgraduate in Scotland you can actually apply for more than one institution at the same time, which helps to make sure you can cover all your bases.

It’s also important to make sure you know the relevant application deadlines, leave plenty of time to complete your applications and allow time for entry clearance if you require a visa.

When applying for an undergraduate course in Scotland you need to apply online through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Centre – also known as UCAS.

The application requires you to provide information about your education and employment as well as a personal statement and a reference, so it’s a good idea to have this information ready before you apply.

The online application form allows you to enter course details for up to five different choices, but there are some restrictions on the combination of courses you can apply for – so make sure you check the UCAS website for details on choices when applying.

There is a fee for making an application and the amount depends upon how many courses and universities you apply for. 

The deadlines for applications through UCAS differ depending on what course you are applying for.

Applying for Postgraduate Study

Before you apply for a postgraduate degree in Scotland you need to make sure that you meet the entrance requirements of your chosen degree.

To study for a postgraduate degree in Scotland you usually need to hold at least an undergraduate degree, but in some circumstances, experience and other qualifications are an acceptable equivalent. It’s important to make sure to check the relevant entry requirements with the institution you are applying for.

Many universities in Scotland manage their own applications for postgraduate study, so it’s advisable that you check the website of the institution and department that you want to apply for. However, you can also apply for postgraduate study at some universities through the UCAS Postgraduate website.

The UCAS application requires you to provide information about your personal details, course details, education, supplementary information, a personal statement, and references.

However, universities set their own deadlines for applications so check the closing dates for applications with the institutions you wish to apply to.

Applying for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Students who wish to apply to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland can do so through UCAS Postgraduate – Performing arts at a conservatoire and through CUKAS – the official website for conservatoire admissions in the United Kingdom.  

Through CUKAS, applicants can select up to six courses to apply for. Once an application has been made through CUKAS, you will usually hear from your chosen conservatoire about auditions or the next stage in the application process.

You will be required to pay a small application fee and may also be required to pay an audition fee when applying.

Requirements for Scotland Saltire Scholarship Application

Scotland Saltire Scholars will be required to:

  • Maintain a standard of conduct that will uphold the good reputation of the Saltire Scholarship Programme and the institution at which they study.
  • Actively participate in the programme’s extra-curricular events. Scholars will participate in a welcome reception and an end of year conference. (Scholars may be excused from attending in the event of exceptional circumstances).
  • Support communications activity promoting Scotland and Scottish higher education, based on their own experience. This might include:
    • Posting on social media about their time and experience in Scotland.
    • Being available for an interview (including on camera) during either the welcome or end-of-year event, granting Scottish Government and the relevant university the right to use  the text and footage indefinitely.
    • Agreeing that the Scottish Government can use any photographs, blogs, quotes etc in connection with your Saltire Scholarship participation for marketing purposes. 
  • In accordance with relevant data protection legislation, give consent to the use of their contact data in order to receive information on the Saltire programme both during their studies and after graduation.

Termination of Scotland Saltire Scholarships

To maintain the integrity of the Scotland Saltire Scholarships and its alumni network, the Scottish Government may remove Saltire Scholars from the programme – for example where they do not adhere to the principles of the programme; or where their continued membership of participation may cause embarrassment or damage to Scotland’s reputation.

At any time, the relevant higher education institution will be able to recommend to the Scottish Government the removal of a Saltire Scholar from the programme, for disciplinary or other issues that they consider make that individual’s continued participation in the programme inappropriate.

Eligibility Rules

Interested in applying for a Scotland Saltire Scholarship? Here’s the information you need on eligibility!

In order to be eligible for a Saltire Scholarship, candidates must:

  • Have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at a Scottish university on an eligible course that will be delivered physically in Scotland or via distance online learning or via a combination of both.
  • Be a citizen of Canada, India, Japan, USA, Pakistan or China (Hong Kong citizens are also eligible as it is a Special Administrative Region of China).
  • Be able to demonstrate that they can meet the costs of living in Scotland (where this is applicable) and the remaining tuition fees.
  • Not have previously studied in Scotland.
  • Not have previously received a Saltire Scholarship.
  • Meet the language requirements of the course.
  • Complete an application form and submit it by the closing date of 28 May 2021. 

Eligible Courses

The course must be a postgraduate Masters level course in one of the following subject areas:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Creative industries
  • Healthcare and medical sciences
  • Renewable and clean energy

Skills and Experience

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • An interest in studying in Scotland and/or at a specific Scottish university.
  • The aspiration to work and study in a global context and take a position of leadership in their chosen career. 
  • A willingness and the necessary interpersonal and communication skills required to participate in the programme of activities that accompanies the scholarships.

What Can I Study?

The scholarships are designed to support the promotion of Scotland as an excellent destination for academic learning and are targeted at the priority sectors of:

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Creative industries
  4. Healthcare and medical sciences
  5. Renewable and clean energy

This includes a wide range of subjects across all of Scotland’s universities and higher education institutions.

The list below is intended as a guide to priority subject areas. This list is not exclusive and applications for courses in broader subject areas will be considered. Please check with your institution to see what courses are covered.

Examples of subject areas include:


  • Earth Sciences
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Geology
  • Weather and Climate
  • Plants/Botany
  • Animals/Zoology


  • Software
  • Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Information
  • Systems
  • Multimedia
  • Engineering
  • Computers

Creative Industries

  • Communications, Media and Culture
  • Broadcasting
  • Film
  • Animation
  • Journalism
  • Cultural
  • Publishing
  • New Media Studies
  • Computer Games / Computer Arts
  • Design
  • Graphic
  • Industrial
  • Interior
  • Fashion

Healthcare and Medical Sciences

  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Health Sciences
  • Biotechnology

Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biomass / Bio fuels
  • Hydro / Solar / Tidal / Wind power

No matter where you decide to embark upon your future career, a Scottish education can ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge to be a success anywhere!

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